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Rebbetzin Chaiky Rubin

Our legacy

The Rebbetzin Chaiky Rubin was a unique soul, humane, understanding and loving. Thru her many years of communal work for the entire range of the Jewish Nation, she helped thousands with her spirit for good, and her understanding of those in need. Her sudden passing shook thousands and we are all still reeling from the loss. 

During the shiva week, it was decided by a group of her supporters to further her work with a network of volunteers that, with the guidance of the Rav Shlita, would reach out to those alone or disenfranchised. 

We have been heartened by how many have joined “Chaiky’s Network”, and the wealth of involvement they are showing.

With the advent of the Coronavirus, our community is facing unforeseen challenges, and we are working tirelessly to reach out to those floundering in isolation and bewilderment. This website is our new home, wherein those seeking support can find links for help and more.

We are a new undertaking and ask for your help in adding to our growing scope of help.

May the merit of our dear Rebbetzin A’H bring us success, and may we all see only good health and strength.

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